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About Magic Touch Interiors

Magic Touch Interior is one of the leading and Best Interior Designers in Kochi, with unifying architecture and interiors to give a new definition and inspiration to your dream projects. we are a team of specialists offering innovative and creative interior designs for residential and commercial spaces. We ensure the client’s satisfaction through timely delivery and systematic working.

5+ Years Experience

Work Process

The Initial Consultation

The first step in understanding client needs is the initial consultation. At Ander Baher, we ensure that this meeting is not just about discussing design aesthetics but also about building a rapport with our clients. Creating an environment where clients feel comfortable sharing their vision, expectations, and concerns is essential



Active Listening

Listening is an art, and it's pivotal in the design industry. We make it a point to actively listen to our clients, allowing them to express themselves freely. By understanding their wishes, lifestyle, and how they envision their space, we can tailor our designs to their unique preferences.


A Holistic Approach

Interior and exterior design are not just about aesthetics; they are about creating functional and comfortable spaces. By asking open-ended questions and considering the practical aspects of a project, we can ensure that our designs align with our client's lifestyles and needs.


Budget and Timeline

Understanding the financial constraints and desired project timeline is crucial. It's our responsibility to align the client's expectations with their budget and present options that can meet their financial parameters. This transparency builds trust and enhances the overall experience.



We find that visual aids, such as mood boards and 3D renderings, play a significant role in helping clients understand the proposed design. Visuals can bridge the gap between a concept and reality, making it easier for clients to visualize the end result.



Client involvement throughout the design process is paramount. By inviting clients to participate actively, we ensure that their vision is integrated into the project. Collaboration fosters a sense of ownership, and the end result is a space that feels truly theirs.



Client needs may evolve during the project. Being flexible and adaptable to these changes is essential. It demonstrates our commitment to meeting their needs, even as they evolve.



Frequent and clear communication is the glue that holds the project together. We maintain open lines of communication, updating clients on project progress and addressing any concerns promptly. It's about making the client feel heard and valued.


Post-Project Assessment

Once the project is completed, we don't consider our job finished. We conduct post-project assessments to ensure that the design continues to meet the client's needs and expectations. This proactive approach ensures client satisfaction in the long run.

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